January 14, 2011

Hello, world! (for real this time)

My name is Ian, and this is my sheet music blog. Here you can find free piano sheet music that I've transcribed for your pleasure (and for mine).

I had kind of a false start last summer--I set up the site and then it sat around for months, but I have resurrected it and I intend to begin posting new sheet music and videos more regularly.

I use a free program called LilyPond to make the sheet music and MIDI files. Eventually I plan to replace all the MIDIs (which are automatically generated by LilyPond) with YouTube videos of me performing the pieces, but until then the MIDIs will give you an idea of what the music should sound like.

Today I bring you an assortment of tunes from Kingdom Hearts, Okami, Soukaigi, and Hetalia. (Note that they're actually the same sheets I uploaded last summer, so they're not technically new.)

UPDATE: Perhaps I should have mentioned this earlier, but I have uploaded my performance of "A Walk in Andante" to YouTube.

Questions? Comments? Tell me what you think!
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  1. Hey, first thanks so much for hosting these, but can you possibly fix the links for "Tricksy Clock" and "A Walk in Andante"?
    The first link is unavailable on MediaFire, and the second links to Tricksy Clock, not Walk in Andante.

    Other than that, I absolutely love Harami Lake, Okami is probably one of my favorite games and there's just not enough sheet music around for it.

  2. Thank you for pointing out those problematic links! They should be fixed now.

    And you're my first commenter! Sorry there's not more sheet music. I've been rather busy with schoolwork, but more will come! Knowing that there's actually someone who knows of this place is encouraging. May I ask how you found my site? Through my lone YouTube video perhaps?

    I'll definitely transcribe more Okami music. There's just so much of it to choose from, and it's all great.