May 3, 2011


Greetings, pianists/readers. Alas, I have no sheet music or videos for you this update--I am just posting to inform you that I am entering the last few weeks of the semester, so I will be even busier than I have been lately, BUT I have not forgotten about you! I am currently procrastinating working on some sheets for Threads of FateBaroqueKingdom HeartsChrono Cross, and Vagrant Story, which you should expect to see before the end of the month. Once the semester ends I will be able to update more regularly and more frequently, and I hope to get this site off the ground.

While I was procrastinating taking a break last night, I started reformatting the blog a bit. I will be making a few more changes soon, consolidating and actually writing an About page to answer all your most important questions about me and my blog, including my favorite color and whether I prefer Coke or Pepsi. I added a list of links on the sidebar to a number of other game/anime/J-pop sheet music sites. I am not affiliated with any of them, but I think they are all worth taking a look at. (I was particularly delighted to see that Sperion has transcribed several pieces from Radiant Historia.)

In short, this summer will go down in history as the Great Summer of the Sheet-Music-Posting and Piano-Playing. Look forward to it! I know I am.