June 13, 2011

Webpage Woes

Two new sheets tonight: From Boktai, "Permafrost," the theme of the icy dungeon. From Legend of Mana, "Nocturne," a short piano piece (I don't know when in the game it plays though).

In other news, I'm considering changing from Blogger to some other blog/website service. This site has hardly started up, but I'm already tired of trying to fix the formatting on the Sheet Music page every time I add something new. Blogger screws it up every time by adding extra line breaks and unnecessary formatting tags, and the "Compose" tab isn't really a WYSIWYG editor, which is what I'd rather have. I don't know very much HTML, but I don't want to spend time learning it--I just want it to be simple to add new sheet music to the site! All I do is add a few lines and two links for each new piece. Geez.

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