June 6, 2011

Yume Nikki

Salutations, my musical readers. Today I (finally) bring you more sheet music: the soundtrack from Yume Nikki, albeit in a somewhat compressed form. Because most of the music [that can even be played on a piano] consists of short loops that are Endlessly Repeated, I included each loop only once in the sheet music. The original filename as well as a more descriptive title are given for each piece, and they are given the track numbers corresponding to the soundtrack uploaded by a user named Saya-chan here at Uboachan (NOTE: Uboachan an image board, so it's safest to assume it's always a NSFW environment). Most of the pieces wouldn't stand alone very well, but feel free to use my transcription as a springboard for making your own arrangements. I also included notes for the more melodic sound effects (i.e. the flute and stoplight effects, the instructions, etc.).

Today I also have a promise for you: now that it is finally summer, I am mostly unoccupied--I'm still searching for a job, but I don't have any schoolwork. Thus I am beginning a regular update schedule. I will post 1 or 2 new sheets every Monday for the rest of the summer, with sporadic YouTube video postings. I can't yet make any promises for the fall, but I will do what I can to keep regular updates after classes start back up.

Happy piano-ing!

P.S. A little advice for those of you who haven't played Yume Nikki: It's not for everyone; you may want to watch some YouTube videos of it before trying it. It's a Japanese game, but there is an English translation patch, though there's very little text in the game anyway. It's a "Windows-only" game, but you can get it to work on Mac OS with Wine (and probably on Linux too). I think all I had to do was go into the Wine configuration and set the virtual desktop to be 800x600 pixels.
Look around the internet if you need help. Uboachan may be a good place to start if you have questions.


  1. where is the sheet music for the flute room? The thread 404d a while ago

  2. I think the thread is still there in the archive. Either way, you can find the sheets on the Sheet Music page under Yume Nikki, Click on the PDF for "Soundtrack collection;" it has notes for all the melodic pieces in the game.

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