July 25, 2011


Two pieces from Seiken Densetsu 3 (sometimes referred to by the unofficial title "Secret of Mana 2") tonight. "Closed Garden," which is short and cheerful. The other is "Innocent Sea/Innocent Water"--they're two pieces that are almost exactly the same, so I just combined them. I've never played SD3 (the only Mana game I have played is Legend of Mana), so I don't know anything about either piece except that they all have weird titles (like the rest of the soundtrack). My crystal ball tells me that there will be more Seiken Densetsu series music next week, and possibly some videos.

I'm considering stopping this weekly posting thing and moving to a brief list of updates (see the Newest Sheets in the sidebar for a possible idea). And there's still a chance I will start using a different site...I'm sure it would be best to do it before too many people start visiting this blogspot address (not that I expect too many people any time soon).

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