October 25, 2011

An Important Matter

Please take a minute to read this post (whether or not you usually read my posts).

I have been considering switching to some other site for awhile now. Blogger always screws up the formatting of the sheet music page, forcing me to edit and then upload a backup html file every Monday. It also doesn't let me host my music, so I have to upload it to Mediafire and then you have to click on the external links to go download everything, unless Mediafire is down...in which case you're out of luck.

WordPress looks nice because it provides hosting for files like pdfs, so you and I could both avoid the extra hoop of having sheets on Mediafire. However, WordPress doesn't allow uploading of audio files without paying a fee (and we all know how poor college students are.... All joking aside, one day I may pay money for my own domain if my site gets popular enough to make it worthwhile.)

My question for you all is: how do you use the midi files I provide here on my site?
I put a poll in the sidebar, so please take a few moments to answer it. I know that using midis with Synthesia is rather popular among pianists who can't read sheet music (on YouTube, at any rate). Personally, I think it is more beneficial in the long run to learn to read sheet music, but I don't want to alienate those of you who do use it. SoundCloud seems like a good way to put audio on my site, but it doesn't allow uploading of midi files, which would prevent use of Synthesia.

TL;DR: Please answer the poll in the sidebar.
If you have any comments or suggestions about what free website/filehosting/audio-hosting services I could use instead of Blogger, leave a comment on this post. Thank you!

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