October 17, 2011

Mediafire is down

I've been rather busy with schoolwork recently, so tonight I only have one piece of sheet music for you again. Unfortunately, it seems mediafire (a.k.a. the site that hosts every single file I have available for you to download) is down at the moment. I'll check back again later tonight--keep your fingers crossed! I would be very surprised if the site were down permanently, but anything could happen.
Mediafire is back up, and I've posted "Lofty Castle" from Spyro the Dragon.

Apparently mediafire goes down often? If any of you have experienced that mediafire is unavailable more often than you think is reasonable, please leave a comment saying so. I will look into other ways I might host my downloads. Perhaps Dropbox? But for now, we're stuck with Mediafire. Sorry, everyone!


  1. It's terrible, I have come across every day, it makes me stressed.

  2. @kingrpg Has mediafire really been down every day? I'm surprised; I assumed it was more reliable. I will look into other filehosting services to see if I can find something more suitable.