January 5, 2012

A Bad Start

It's a new year and I have been so neglectful, my dear readers! I have been so distracted recently that I forgot to upload anything. I finished Chrono Cross for the first time the other day, and I got the Final Fantasy X Piano Collections sheet music for Christmas. (If you haven't heard the FFX piano collections, you should look them up; they're fantastic.)
I also resolved to post a video every 2 weeks beginning this year, but to my embarrassment, I accidentally left my line-in cable at school. I don't have any videos to post yet but I'll get on it as soon as I can. Ten thousand apologies! m(_ _)m

However, I do have a special piece of sheet music for you tonight. It's not from a video game and it's not a solo piano piece. It's a song by Hikaru Utada called "WINGS" with sheets for a pianist and a singer (or a pianist who can sing). Here's the actual song:

You can find the sheets on the Sheet Music page (of course) in the "Other sheets" section.

I made three versions of the sheet music: the first two have the singer's part in time above the piano part., one of which has the lyrics in rōmaji (Roman letters), the other in kana (Japanese "letters"). The third version I called "condensed." The piano music in this song consists of two short parts that are repeated, so the condensed sheet has the two piano riffs by themselves on the first page, followed by the melody with lyrics in rōmaji and kana (it's 3 pages shorter than the versions that print the vocal melody alongside the piano part).
If that doesn't make sense, just download the sheets and take a look at them.

Feel free to use the sheet music to cover the song yourself! You can post videos on YouTube or wherever you want--I just ask that you put a link to my site in the description of your video.
The same goes for any of the sheet music here, actually. You can make videos of yourself playing them as long as you're not making money off it and you include a link to my site (or to my YouTube channel). And I'd love to see your covers! You can comment here with a link or send me a message on YouTube.
Have fun! I hope everyone is having a pleasant new year.


  1. Hi, thank you for uploading the sheet music for Parasite Eve "someone calls me, someone looks for me". I always wanted to find the sheet music for it and I think that you are the first person to upload the sheet music for that song. You did a very good job on finding the right notes because when I played it on the piano, it sounded just like the song. So thank you for taking your time to figure out the notes. I really appreciate it! 

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