For questions about me personally, please see the About page.

Q1) How often do you update your site?
A) Currently, I strive to add two new pieces of sheet music every Monday, though that may change if I become too busy with schoolwork.

Q2) What do you use to make your sheet music?
A) I use LilyPond, which is a free, open source music notation/engraving system available for Windows, Mac, and a bunch of those GNU/Linux operating systems. You don't play a MIDI keyboard to make sheet music with LilyPond. Instead you use your computer keyboard to write the music in LilyPond's programming language--but don't let that scare you away if you're not a programmer! You don't need to know anything to start learning (aside from how to type and, hopefully, how to read sheet music) and there is plenty of documentation to help you. LilyPond is a powerful tool that will actually do a lot of work for you without a lot of effort.

Q3) Can you help me learn to use LilyPond?
A) My priority is transcribing music for this site, but if you have a simple question about LilyPond, it wouldn't hurt to ask me. Keep in mind that I am by no means a LilyPond expert. I recommend looking for support through LilyPond's website first.

Q4) What do you use to make your videos?
A) I play music on my Privia PX-330 keyboard (that's a Casio product) and record the video and sound through iMovie with my MacBook Pro's built-in camera and and an old line-in cable I have.

Q5) Would you please transcribe "_____" from "_____?"
A) Sorry, I'm not taking requests, but I might be able to tell you if a particular song (or video game, or anime, or artist) is on my Great List of All the Pieces I Ever Want to Transcribe Ever.

Q6) Are you going to make a YouTube video of you playing "_____?"
A) I hope to eventually post videos of me playing every piece of sheet music I provide so that you can get a better idea of what each piece is supposed to sound like, since the MIDIs I include are automatically made by LilyPond and do not quite sound like real piano/keyboard playing. Of course, you are welcome to learn the music and post videos of yourself playing it, as long as you do not make any profit from doing so.

Q7) Would you please make a tutorial video of "_____?"
A) No, I do not plan to make any tutorial videos. I strongly encourage you to learn to read sheet music if you want to play the piano (or any other instrument, for that matter). If you can read sheet music, there are infinitely many more pieces you can learn than you can just by finding videos of pieces played hands separately at half speed.

(Last updated: October 5, 2011)